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At the end of a game the word most used in reply to this question is Enjoyment. This despite the Highs and Lows which you may have experienced during the game. At New Milton we ensure that players come away with this feeling.

In any season you will meet their acquaintances, make new friends both within our Club together with other Clubs.

It is often said bowls is for the more senior generation; the proportion of players may well fall into this category (probably because they have more time) but in recent years younger people have taken up the game. It is a sport played inequal measures by both Ladies and Gentlemen. (played properly there is no physical contact on the green!)

At New Milton we have two greens and together with equipment that can be borrowed (bring your own flat shoes) you can play “taster” sessions guided by our coaches. The greens are open for daily roll ups sessions (all join in) and together with league and friendly matches we try to ensure that all players have a full season. We do encourage anybody to come and play with a Club Member free taster session; we then allow a six week trial session (at a much reduced fee) When the green is open for “roll ups” to allow any one to try the game and perhaps make there mind up, hopefully to join the Club as a full member.

We have a Social Team who arrange (both through the season and in the Winter) a full range of events.

So please come and join us and as noted above ENJOY ones self.

Bowling tips watch all 9 videos of this series to see what you are doing wrong and right !!

After watching this introduction video click on 'Playlist 9' then number 2

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