New to  Bowls ?


         ?Bowls?   It?s an old man?s game.?    

    That summarises the first thoughts of most people when bowls is mentioned.     But, are they right?

?Bowls   - is a young man?s game that old men can still play.?    That is a far more accurate description of the sport.    Moreover you can substitute ?man? with ?woman? because bowls is one of the few sports where men and women can play on an equal footing, and together.    Bowls is often now a second sport for many people and others take it up when they are no longer able to play in contact, or high speed, games.   Some people turn to bowls on their retirement.  For many it still supplies the competitive edge that they had in other sports. 

It is the fact that many older people play the game that has given it its reputation.   However, in recent years many young people have discovered the game and some have progressed to international level.    Youthful enthusiasm can make a big difference!    At inter-club level it is not unusual to have teenagers testing their skills against experienced 80 or 90 year olds!    If you watch any bowls on TV you will see that it can be extremely competitive - and anything but sedate and gentle exercise!   

 Like many sports, bowls is based on hand and eye co-ordination and therefore youth is an advantage.   An average teenager will therefore probably progress quicker than an average older person, but the latter may still reach a high standard.   One of the attractions of the sport is that it is usually fairly easy to reach a ?reasonable? standard.    At this level a beginner is able to join in with more seasoned bowlers without feeling they are letting the others down!  We all had to start sometime!    Of course, it is just as difficult as in any other sport to reach the top level.

 Another advantage of bowls is that members of a club can usually bowl when they wish, with whoever they wish, and at the level of competition that they wish.   Some people prefer to play on a casual basis with friends and others like to play in competitive league matches and competitions.  So there it is  -  Bowls is an enjoyable sport for both sexes and any age.


                                                                                          WHY  PLAY  BOWLS  AT  NEW  MILTON  BOWLING  CLUB ?

 Our club has two bowling greens, regular social bowling sessions, runs internal competitions and has a program of ?Friendly? matches against other clubs, often sides touring in the area, in addition to having teams in the men?s and women?s leagues run by the Bournemouth & District and New Forest Bowling Associations.                                                                                                                  

                                                                  There is something for everyone, whatever the level of ability.     

Basic Rules of Bowls


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